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Vintage 2012!

29 February 2012

After good Winter rains, Spring was fairly mild with many small rain events and windy conditions. Shoot growth was much greater than the dry 2010 Spring which necessitated some leaf plucking and trimming to regulate exposure levels and improve airflow around the bunches. Post the silly season summer came roaring in with hot conditions accumulating in a heatwave at the end of January. With big canopies, water damage was very minimal and ripening kept advancing. Relief also came for our vines with a cool change in the first days of February and 13mmm of rain, you could almost hear the vines sigh! Vintage 2012 is looking to be a beauty once again! So far the whites have bee harvested at Rosabrook with the reds soon to follow! Photos above are of the Semillon picking at Rosabrook. Happy Vintaging!