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Rosabrook Vintage 2013!

17 April 2013

Vintage in Margaret River is finished for another year and it is looking to be a fantastic year for both whites and reds across the region! The 2013 vintage follows a string of warm and dry vintages for the Margaret River region. The year began with a long warm spell which pushed to maturities along at a brisk pace and we saw the first fruit hitting the crushers at the beginning of the first week in February. It was indeed a race to simply keep ahead of the maturity testing and prepare ourselves for what lay ahead, however, our preparations were well rewarded and we safely put all the white fruit into our tanks.

We were a little worried about the pace of maturity it looked as if the reds would follow directly, or cross over with our whites. This is always a practicality that winemakers wish  not to have; crushing alternately reds and whites means a lot of work to make sure there is no chance of whites picking up even the slightest trace of red colour.

However, as nature would have it, the season broke and we have about an inch of rain followed by a week of cool weather and our fears were not realized as the reds halted their ripening march and paused sufficiently long enough for all to take a breather. As is fairly typical in Margaret River, we were then subjected to an extraordinary Indian summer which pushed the reds to just about perfect maturity.

The vintage is finished and it looks to be a season where we will have fine and rich, fuller bodied whites with reds that are deeply coloured with terrific varietal flavour and fruit aromas; it could be a classic, time will tell.