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More love from the ‘Wine Wankers’

3 September 2014

More Rosabrook love from the Wine Wankers – here is a snippet of the review below:

“First up we had the 2013 Rosabrook Single Vineyard Estate Chardonnay and we paired this wine with various cheeses, crackers and dips.  What a great start to our little drinking session.  On opening there was a beautiful whiff of stone fruit that seemed to hang over a bit of pepper and spice making this smell very interesting indeed.  On sipping the wine you immediately got beautiful stone fruit flavours that sat on top of a complex savoury and earthy dry backbone and the finish on the wine was long and luscious.  You could feel the gentle acid around the side of your tongue, a sign that this wine would age and develop further complexity for quite a long time.  I would love to try this wine again in a few years.

Next up we cracked open the 2012 Rosabrook Single Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.  The aromas on the nose with this one were very inviting and drew us straight in.  There was an array of berry scents along with the beautiful smell of cedar.  On drinking this wine we all looked at each other and gave a nod and a “yep”.  The flavours in the wine were complex and they just sat and sat on the tongue after each sip.  The dark fruits blended in well with a general toastiness and there was nothing harsh in the wine at all.  Like the Chardonnay you could sense the acid content so it too would last for many many years.  My only complaint is that I’m not drinking it at 10 years old.  We paired this with a beautiful saucy meatball dish Ben had whipped up.  Just perfect!”

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