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*Vintage Update*

3 March 2015

Well no two vintages are ever the same but probably compared to other regions Margaret River is pretty consistent with no wild swings in growing conditions from year to year…except for this vintage!

Vintage really starts around November, not November just gone but the one before in 2013 when most of the fruitfulness of this vintage is determined in the lateral buds of the shoots. Then there are the stresses and strains on the vine throughout vintage 2014, the water and nutrient status as the vines senesce and they head into winter dormancy. During which time we all peer down our microscopes looking for healthy little flowering bodies in the dormant buds and working out a plan of attack for pruning that will hopefully leave just enough buds in the right positions to give us a healthy balanced vine and crop!

Here are some photos below of Brian and Murray doing what they do best!